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1-Uncensored Usenet Newsgroups Access
Uncensored Usenet Newsgroups Access The Original Uncensored Newsfeed with Fast Usenet access to uncensored newsgroups via dedicated, geographically dispersed servers since 1999. With our news.uncensorednewsfeed server, you get thousands of active uncensored newsgroups. To be more efficient and improve your Usenet experience, we remove most dead and inactive groups to save you time. Millions of news articles pass through our network daily We use the most advanced spam and virus filtration, giving you the cleanest newsfeed. Our triple redundant propagation system guarantees unparalleled speed and reliability. You can download as fast as your internet connection will allow! We maintain one of the best completion rates in the industry at over 99% with multiple feeds to be sure we get complete message sets for the files you need. With Unlimited Posting! The "news" server allows up to 8 connections for exceptional newsgroup access and faster downloading. No Charge for downloading Headers with all our server subscriptions! Our binary article retention for this server is up to 95 days and 360 days for text newsgroups. We utilize multiple back-end servers for scaling out the load and allow thousands of simultaneous connections to our servers with no speed capping. We maintain over 150 terabytes of hard disk space across a fleet of powerful custom built servers. We continuously increase our storage capacity to accommodate Usenet's huge growth and improve our retention rates. We are committed to constantly improving our technology. We maintain a extensive network of Quality Usenet peers world-wide.





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