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1-Bareback Mountain >>>>>> SEE VIDEO NOW DIRECLY ON YOUR COMPUTER !!!
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Youthful cowboys cow-eyed for cock! Jason and Hunter start this rodeo with a hot suck fuck fest. No rodeo‘s complete without some riding right? Hunter yanks down his jeans and eagerly awaits Jason's cock. Jason climbs on board shoving a huge cock into Hunter's tight asshole. Fucking continues; Hunter slowly sits down on Jason's cock, riding it until he can't take it and blows a huge load. Jason blows his load all over Hunter's back, hitting Hunter in the face. Romance starts off around the pool table. Turk and Winter shoot a game of strip poker pool. Tyler Anthony watches the game. Soon they’re both naked; Winter ups the stakes, "…every time I sink something I get to do something to you." After some hot cock sucking, Winter turns Turk around, takes down his pants and says, "here, you'll want to bite down on this". Some hot ass fucking ensues; Anthony blows his load watching the action. Real life couple, Winter blows his hot load all over Turk’s ass and back. Turk spins around and blows his load onto his stomach and chest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bareback. Love Is a Rite of Passage. In Lycan Films' debut film, BAREBACK MOUNTAIN, you'll follow real life couple Turk Melrose and Winter Vance along with a cast of their hot fuckable buds, Hunter Wylde, Tyler Anthony and Jason Raze on a western sexcapade unlike any other! Below Review Courtesy of MEMORABLE LINE: “I've been thinking about it a lot.” - Turk Melrose teasingly said to Winter Vance. The first Marlboro TV commercial I saw turned me on. I'm not the only one who thinks cowboys getting naughty and dirty is hot. Seeing cowboys in love is nice, but there's nothing exciting about them guarding the sheep or competing in a rodeo. Lycan Films' debut feature, “Bareback Mountain”, goes the distance, as real-life couple Turk Melrose and Winter Vance go on a wild sexcapade with fuck buddies Tyler Anthony, Jason Raze and Hunter Wylde. They may not be burly and rough-looking as the real cowboys, but these guys look hotter than “Brokeback Mountain” hunks Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. Scene 1: “You turn me on” (Jason Raze and Hunter Wylde) Excitement builds up while the bad boys play pool. Jason Raze and Hunter Wylde are attracted to each other, and they don't waste time, as the next scene is a cozy bedroom, where Hunter is down on his knees and sucking Jason's big dick. The action gets hotter when Jason plays rough. He pushes Hunter into the bed. He next yanks down Hunter's jean, and then thrusts his huge rod into his asshole. Director Nills made this scene erotic with the use of the mirrors all over the room; seeing Jason's firm ass pumping and Hunter moaning is arguably the film's hottest shot. The following scene shows Jason lying on the bed, and Hunter bouncing up and down Jason's hard cock while he jacks off his tool. Watch out for that top camera shot, where Jason's sexy torso is nicely photographed and his handsome face is writhing in pleasure. Hunter goes for it, until cum shoots off from his cock. Then it's Jason's turn, as he pushes Hunter forward and lets his hot cum spill over his back. Scene 2: “I strip, you strip” (Turk Melrose, Winter Vance and Tyler Anthony) This scene starts off when Jason and Hunter leave the pool table. Tyler Anthony soon follows, but he goes to another room where he can continue watching the game. Winter challenges Turk to a strip game of pool. “For every ball I sink, you take something off...for every ball you sink, I'll take something off”. Winter sinks the first ball, so Turk loses his shirt. Another ball drop costs Turk his pants. Winter misses the next shot, so Turk (in his briefs and hat) sinks a few balls, getting Winter down to his jeans. It's a good thing that Turk misses his next shot because he strips off his underwear when Winter sinks his ball. The stakes then turn higher, as Winter says, “Same rules, except every time I sink something I get to do something to you.” The game ends with Winter sinking the eight ball into the corner pocket. Winter tells Turk to come over, and then he kneels down to suck Turk's stiff pole. Tyler is aroused by the hot action in the pool table, jacking off while viewing the steamy game in progress. After Winter blows Turk, a hot ass-fucking scene follows, which climax with hot cum shooting off from the studs' cocks. Don't you wish for another strip game? Scene 3: “6ixtynin9” (Hunter Wylde, Tyler Anthony and Jason Raze) Hunter and Tyler are comparing cock sizes on the bed. After both agree that Tyler had the bigger dick, Hunter leans over and sucks Tyler's rod hard. Then Hunter and Tyler move into a 69 position and suck each other's cocks. Jason watches from the distance and strokes his pole while the steamy action gets hotter. Hunter next climbs onto Tyler's top and rides his cock cowboy style. Tyler is delighted, so returns the favor by throwing Hunter onto his back and fucking him in a missionary position. The excitement is too much, as it didn't take long for the trio to spill their hot cum. Scene 4: “Cowboys in heat” (Turk Melrose and Winter Vance) Turk is teasing Winter while they chat and watch TV. The sight of a gorgeous bitch arouses Winter, which is a cue for Turk to make his move. Turk sucks Winter's hot dick for a long while, and then let Winter squat on the sofa so he can lick his asshole; the sight of Winter's cute ass will make his fans horny. Then Turk impales himself - ass first - on Winter's hard cock. Turk does some riding, followed by the couple trying different positions. It ends with both studs sitting and facing each other. The scene showing Turk stroking two hard dicks with one hand is red-hot. Seeing them moaning with delight while their hot cum is spilling into their legs and abs is a perfect climax to this sizzling film. Starring Turk Melrose, Whitter Vance, Hunter Wylde, Tyler Anthony and Jason Raze. Directed by Afton Nills. DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback. A 1R Media/Lycan Films/Xtreme Productions DVD. -------------------------------- Format: From: Lycan Film Year: 2006 Length: 100 Minutes Director: Afton Nills Starring: Tyler Anthony, Turk Melrose, Jason Raze, Winter Vance, Hunter Wylde Themes: Bareback, College Age, Cowboys/Ranchers, Deep Throat, Facial Cumshots, Rimming (Eating), Sports & Jocks, Threeways, Uncut (Foreskins), Voyeurism, Young (18 to 21) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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