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1-As Victims men kidnapping men
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2-BoyNapped » 'Nap 'em & Tap 'em
Newbie Josh H (a skinny white boy with a massive cock) and AJ are on the hunt for a new boy! Let the fun begin! The pickings are slim, but Josh and AJ are horny and aint gonna give up anytime soon. They drive into a service station where they pickup South African tourist Karl. Don't these hitchhikers ever learn... Trying to go places for nothing tut tut tut! AJ and Josh don't waste time and lean across Karl for a kiss. But Karl likes what he sees and wants some of the action. AJ and Josh also like what they see, especially Karl's 6-pack! But they've only began to have fun with this backpacker. They take him back to the gym, where they tie him up and take advantage of him, feeding him their huge dicks and fucking his ass before running off and leaving him tied up and stranded. "You've fucked me and now you fuck off!", says Karl. Yep you got it in one mate. See-ya! Watch as we prowl the streets on the lookout for tasty young morsels to take back home, tie up and have our way with! This is boynapped, where we nap ‘em and tap ‘em, and leave ‘em stranded! Now, lets “Treat ‘em real nasty” - Thats Boynapped Dark’s Sebastion Kain’s mantra. Master Kain is responsible for tying up these not so innocent lads, and spanking and tickling and doing what ever the hell he wants to them, they are after all, there for his pleasure only.
3-Torture video on demand
Tickling, punching, socks stuffed in the mouth, feet being rubbed in the face,† getting ruffed up, were so bad that they are tied on the floor and tickle tortured. , duck-taped together †can't escape their punishment worse blindfolded brave German men through some really rough torture masked, leathered and tied tight asses whipped, penetrated and covered with hot wax slobbery wet blowjobs that will drive you wild! These slaves can take some penetration Cutting Room his first shaving gagged, bound and tortured with nipple clamps exquisite agony †eyes flicker pain and ecstacy. tied up with his hands over his head; his sweat pants are pulled down. punched and whipped. A great collection of some vintage BDSM action as this young twink gets pounded and whipped around in this thriller. This dungeon master really knows how to treat his male slaves to a show. strapped into the wheel of torture, quickly finds itself turning into the wheel of sucking into something horrific. Roped and Forced," "Bath Time," and "Ticklish Tal," paddling, and shaving. Along with inverted bondage and more dick torture. Later he's made to sit on a dildo while bound and his nipples are tortured yet again. He's 'Sexual Harassment,' fingering mixed in with boot polishing, Their Masters are quite sadistic, humiliated, whipped, chained, and even penetrated in extreme ways! EXTREME dildo fun! This poor guy gets dildos the size of arms shoved up his tight little hole! After some dildo play it's onto some whipping and ball torture, but its ass play that really gets this guy turned on. We go back to the dildo, gradually getting bigger so for the grand finale, a whole hand goes in!





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